Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase images from the photography collection?

Yes you can! Please search our collection at and order from the same site. Please remember to let us know what size you want your images to be and if you want digital files or paper copies.

When is the museum open to the public?

Nord-Troms Museums historical sites are open during the summer season in all six municipalities in the region. We also open for special events throughout the year. Our main office and main exhibit is open year round at Halti in Storslett. The exhibit “Stories from the war” at the Flerbrukshuset in Burfjord that can be visited year round – please contact us for opening hours as they may change throughout the year.

I have an old thing – can I give it to the museum?

Please contact us regarding donations. We have a large collection and have to refuse some offers, either due to insufficient storage facilities or that we already have similar objects.

I think it has become hard to search the photos-where is all the information?

You’re right. Alot of the information that was searchable earlier is not available through This is especially true of the names of persons pictured. We do still retain this information in our databases, but due to rules regarding privacy we need to manually approve each name to make them searchable. If you want information regarding a specific image and you have the ID-number, please contact us and we will help you out. An ID-number can look like this: NTRMF43-09999.

Have you got photographs of my old relative?

You are welcome to search our photography collection at Choose Nord-Troms Museum in the left hand menu or search collections all over Norway.Search tip: try different spellings (Hansen and Hanssen) and also Last name, First/Given name.

Where can I find information about your historical sites in English?

Good question. We are still working on translating our web-page. 
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